The Vision

Arise Community Church is a place where you can belong. We are known as a church for people who don't like church, and a church for people the church doesn't like. Here are a few statements that emphasize what the vision for Arise on Long Island is:


Vision Statement: Arise Community Church exists to inspire others to live a brave life and do great things for Jesus. In short: Live Brave (Joshua 1:9). 


Our Motto: Loving the unloved. Inspiring the uninspired. Churching the unchurched.


Our Message: Live for God. Live for others. Live for purpose. Live Brave.


Purpose Statement: Our purpose is to teach the people in our church to live a brave life: REACHING the unloved, SERVING people in need, ENCOURAGING each other, GROWING together, and WORSHIPING God above all.


Mission Statement: Long Island (and more specifically, Mt. Sinai and the surrounding area) is full of people who are unloved, uninspired, and unchurched. It is the mission of Arise Community Church to fulfill the need in these 3 areas, helping the community realize they are loved, can be inspired, and have a church to go to, especially for those who have been burned by the church or those who hate church and have been designated as “sinners” and “outcasts”. We do this by providing a safe place that meets people’s practical and spiritual needs, inspiring hope and purpose in their daily lives, and teaching the greatest commandment of loving God and loving others (Matthew 22:36-40).


We want to be known in the community as a place where people are challenged to live brave lives instead of cowardly lives, where grace is spread, where relationship is emphasized over religion, where people can be real, where people’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs are met, and where many can go to be encouraged in practical ways to do great things for God. We do this by helping to create environments that will enable people to find their calling and grow in it through the community church.


Jesus called the unrighteous to righteousness – the sick to the doctor. It is important to understand that God does not want people to clean up and go to church, but to go to church and be cleaned, for He does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. The grace of God abounds upon all of the lost, no matter how lost (Romans 5:20-21).


How we measure success: Our goal is to guide people to be transformed into the image of Christ in their everyday lives (2 Corinthians 3:18).