Where is this church?


If you are asking where our building is, the answer is we share one with Shine Dance Studios. We are currently meeting every Sunday at 10:30am, 9:45am free cafe, here:


6 South Jersey Ave.

Setauket, NY 11733 


What time are your Sunday worship services?


Our normal services start at 10:00am and have a free cafe at 9:30am. There is no evening service yet.


What is a "church plant"? Is it some kind of weird infomercial product usually seen for sale at 3am?


No. A church plant is a starting of a new church by people who believe in Jesus and want another area to be affected by His grace too. 


Why start another church? We have plenty!


Because there are still plenty of people on Long Island who are unloved, uninspired, and unchurched. Our goal is to guide people to live brave by loving the unloved, inspiring the uninspired, and churching the unchurched. This is what we are all about. To know Christ and to make Him known.


Why don't you just join the churches already here and help them be better?


Because as a wise professor of a seminary once said, "It is easier to give birth to a child than to raise the dead." We believe that a new church will flourish in this culture of imperfect people more than trying to rebuild and revamp churches that are set in their ways. New churches for new people.


I heard that anyone is welcome? Is this true? Because if my Uncle Fred is allowed to go, I am pretty sure I am never showing up.


Yes, we welcome all people. Even Uncle Fred. If you think you are too big of a sinner, then you belong! People don't need to clean up so that they can come to church - they should come to church and then they will be cleaned by Jesus!


What denomination are you?


We are non-denominational, which basically means we do not receive support or bylaws from a type of certain Christian sect. We are self-governed. There are of course pros and cons to this decision. Our theology stems from a Lead Pastor who is Orthodox and many in the congregation from all sorts of denominational backgrounds.


Oh, so you're one of those rebellious contemporary churches that plays loud music and hates tradition?


Yes and no. We are louder than a traditional church with music, but we don't hate tradition. If you grew up Catholic or in a traditional style church (which actually most of our team did), then you may love the change - or you may hate it. Either way, we both love Jesus, so let's hug it out!


Who do you think you are?


We are Arise Community Church - a church plant on Long Island.


What's with the arrogant comments? I was just asking a question!


We apologize if we offended you in the way we answered. We can sometimes be sarcastic.


Who is "we"? I am assuming one person is answering these questions...


You are correct again. The person answering these questions is Pastor Dan.


Thanks for being honest. Now I want to give you a ton of money. How do I do that?


You can go here.


What if I have REAL questions? Where do I click?


To ask your own questions, go here.