Many people believe the church is all about money. We do not want you to get that impression. But there are some facts that should be noted. It takes funding to run a church. Things cost money. Ministry comes at a price. No money = No ministry. Also, the Bible is adamant about how money is the number one competitor for your heart against God. So although funding is not our passion, we do speak boldly about it. We are going to work with Jesus to change our community and challenge people to live brave. That is our passion. We need your help.


Above is a picture of Benjamin Franklin's eyes zoomed in on the 100 dollar bill. This is no accident. Franklin was quoted once when talking about money. He said, "Who is rich? He that is content. Who is content? Nobody." No amount of money will satisfy you. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can do that.


The Bible teaches that we cannot serve both God and money (Matthew 6:24). In fact, in the Gospels, Jesus spoke more on money than He did about heaven and hell. This brings us to the conclusion that offering money to the Lord is not only an act of worship, but it is also good for your spiritual well being.


If you are interested in giving money to Arise Community Church online, we have set up a safe and secure way to do so with a link below for your convenience. We accept credit and debit cards, so you will need your card handy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for donating your hard-earned money. It will go to good use for the sake of the Good News of Jesus! People's lives will be changed!

















If you're not a fan of internet transactions, our mailing address is:


Arise Community Church

PO Box 982

Sound Beach, NY 11789