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A simple message from our Lead Pastor, Dan O'Leary:

Hello and thank you for visiting the website! I am honored that you want to know more about our church and my family.


I am a Christ follower - a child of God. I am a husband, a father, a pastor, and a martial artist. My main goal in life is to inspire others to do great things for Jesus. I am a person in need of grace just like you, and I usually like to dispel the myth that pastors are perfect people. I live as authentic as I can because I believe transparency is good for growth, and doing the right thing is hard! This means that sometimes I come across as a jerk, and for that, I apologize. But what I don’t apologize for is loving Jesus and being as real as I can be before Him and before you.























I love my wife and kids. You should really know that about me. They take priority over any job, problem, or person in my life except for my relationship with God. I like to tell people that I have the perfect family, and I do, but more accurately, I have the perfect family for me. My wife treats me like a man and calls me out on my malarkey. My kids love my goofball tendencies, and I strive to be the father that they need.


Jesus is my life. He saved me from despair. He lifts me up from the ground. He restores my soul.


I like martial arts, ice hockey, reading, watching professional sports, and hanging out with my friends. I know; I am really deep (that was internet sarcasm).


I could insert a bio here, or some random facts about my schooling and experience, but really I like to get to know people better. I have email, a blog, facebook, and of course I will be in the community in person. I have been in ministry since I was 17. If you really want to know the boring stuff of my past education at Nyack College and Liberty University, I can send you a resume, but chances are you want a relationship with somebody who loves Jesus. You will find plenty of real people who love Jesus here at Arise Community Church.


Thank you so much again for visiting our site! I hope to see you in the community.


With Honor,