Christmas & New Year's

Here is a heads up on what the end of December and 2011 will look like at Arise Community Church:


We will be having a Christmas Eve Service starting promptly at 5pm and ending at 6pm. It will be low-key, but a chance to hang out and enjoy some community before heading to our Christmas Eve parties and families' houses. Info here: Christmas Eve Service 


We will be holding NO CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICES. We are closed for Christmas Day.


We WILL BE having service on New Year's Day the following week with special hours, 11:15am start, to give you an hour to recoup from staying up late the night before. Also, we have a special guest speaker, Wil "The Thrill" Stelzer. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! Info here: New Year's Day Service 


We are also collecting toys this year. Simple instuctions: purchase a toy, wrap it, lable it for age and whether it is for a boy or girl, bring it with you to church by Dec. 18th. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! The gifts will be going to kids with families who cannot afford anything for their children this year.


Thanks so much! May the Lord bless you this Christmas season!