News and Updates for February 2011!

A TON has happened since January, so I am gonna throw up the updates in bullet form:


  • We started our Prayer Team. Basically it is a team of people who are informed through email, social media, and/or texting what our prayer needs are for Arise Community Church. If you would like to be a part of that, send an email to

  • We announced our first Preview Service which will be held on Easter Sunday (4/24/2011)! There will also be a follow-up Preview Service the following week on 5/1/2011! Details to follow about where and when, and of course a schedule of the Preview Services and events for the summer!

  • We announced our official "Launch Date" or Grand Opening, which will be 10/2/2011 (the first week in October). There will be a Preview Service scheduled the week before. We do not know yet where we will be having church every week, but we are trying to get into the school district. PLEASE PRAY FOR THAT!

  • Our Core Team and Launch Teams are growing and being formed! If you would like info on joining, email

  • It is crunch-time for fundraising and support. View our vision page and video, and if you would like to see lives changed and people meet Jesus on Long Island, pray about giving to us regularly (that is how churches are funded)! We have a mailing address (PO Box 982, Sound Beach, NY 11789) or give online here: Support Arise

  • Pastor Dan - well actually since I am typing this - I was selected to be a part of Perry Noble's Coaching Network. It has been an INSANE blessing where God is ROCKING me to the core! Praise Him for that, and pray for my continual growth. Next month I get to bring some of the team down to a conference called Unleash so we can get fired up!

  • We are having our first "Creative Team" meeting this Thursday to hash out the details of our first few Preview Services. SO PUMPED!!! We will also be discussing community events, small groups, recovery programing, community service, and missions, like Love146 and Ravah Ministries. 


Quick note on who we support: Besides pouring time, service, and money into the community and people in the community, we also support 2 organizations for worldwide change. Currently, these two orgs are Love146 and Ravah Ministries. Check them out!


Quick note on what a Preview Service is: We are not yet having services every Sunday. A Preview Service is a Sunday we choose to show the community what it will look like on a Sunday when we get started. Plus it gives us the chance to meet a lot of cool people!


What's to come: I am working on an audio sermon on David and Goliath. Look for it and the Preview Service schedule soon! Later people!