Service Cancelled Tomorrow (2/10/2013)


Greetings fellow Risen, After much thought, deliberating, and prayer, we have decided to cancel service for tomorrow morning. We know this is an inconvenience to all who love Arise Community Church and wanted to worship with us tomorrow, but there were too many complications going against us. One is that our pastor is without heat in his home and has yet to see a plow even cross his home street once. Another is that the Polish Hall is still under a pile of snow with no sunlight or time to make things right. The clincher was the “State of Emergency” that Councilman Daniel Panico declared at 3pm, stating no cars should be on the road at this time.


It grieves us to have to close our doors for the first time since we have opened our church. We hope that you will still worship Christ at home, online, or at another accessible church (as long as it is safe to drive).


There are a few opportunities we have here that we urge you to take part in:


First, our online site will be up to date and will even feature a special message by our pastor via audio that will be posted tomorrow ( We will be resuming our fifth and final week of “Heroes – Finding Christ and the Christian Life in Superhero Stories” next week (2/17). You can even go back and check out the previous 4 messages in the "Heroes" series to get caught up (


Second, please take time to pray for the leaders of Arise Community Church as we take this week off seriously, and do not slack one bit in praying for you and the community.


Third, do not forget that we have an online giving capability for tithes and offerings. If you do not want to wait until next week, you can give right on the website (


Fourth, feel free to attend our “mother” church, True North Community Church. They hit the ball hard consistently, and they even have a live stream service at night called, “Elevate” if you are still snowed in (


Finally, be blessed this week. We would like to tell you to be safe, but in all honesty, our God is not safe. So instead, don’t be stupid. And don’t be a jerk.


God bless you all,


The Staff at Arise Community Church