Success! (And our current series)

Our launch and second week of service has been a success! We have seen a little over 100 different people through our doors since we launched!


Our current series is entitled "Practical Atheist", and you can find out more about that at our Current Series Page.


The attendance for the launch was 80 and the attendance for the second week was 52. If you are "keeping score" that is pretty good in church plant terms. We want to start gaining momentum by taking part and going out into the community because people are not always going to come to us (believe it or not). 


But if you are PUMPED about Arise Community Church and the things God is doing, come down and check us out! If you are not PUMPED and don't know why this is a big deal, come down and check us out! If you hate church and want nothing to do with religion, come down and check us out!


With Honor In Christ,