Summer Sundays

Here is the Summer 2012 Schedule for Sundays at Arise Community Church.

We hope you can make it!




5/27 - "Pass the Pie" - Pastor Jake Dodge




6/3 - "What is Faith?" - Kim Winckler

6/10 - "You Asked For It, Part 1"

6/17 - "You Asked For It, Part 2"

6/24 - "You Asked For It, Part 3"




7/1: TBA

7/8 - "Love & Marriage, Part 1: Love"

7/15 - "Love & Marriage, Part 2: Marriage"

7/22 - "Church Goes To Hollywood, Part 1"

7/29 - "Church Goes To Hollywood, Part 2"




8/5 - "Church Goes To Hollywood, Part 3"

8/12 - "Church Goes To Hollywood, Part 4"

8/19 - "Church Goes To Hollywood, Part 5"

8/26 - TBA


This is our first summer as a church, so we are PUMPED for what is yet to come! Praise Christ for what He has done thus far!


And a note on our annual summer baptism:


Recently it has been announced that people will be charged to park at all Brookhaven beaches this summer. We are currently looking into what day our summer baptism will be, and now where it will be. We are going to try and work something out so we can remain at Cedar Beach, but we may have to explore other options. Thank you for your patience on this issue.