Thanksgiving Dinner

Arise Community Church held its first Thanksgiving Food Drive this year. It started when we were looking for other churches to partner up with for the holiday, or at least a soup kitchen to serve at. Believe it or not, it was near impossible to find an organization who wanted to do something in partnership. So we got an idea to post on Craig's List a post with the heading "Free Thanksgiving" a week before the actual day. The response was overwhelming! We had people emailing and calling us telling us that they were too late to receive a meal this year from other organizations and churches - and we turned out to be the blessing they needed! We hand-delivered (and still have deliveries to go) and got to share stories and pray with people in need. The theme was a house made out of a deck of cards - the only way it will stand is if the cards lean on each other. This is how we served, leaning on each other to make sure everybody was provided for - TRUE COMMUNITY!!! 


We have to thank Shine Dance Studios in Setauket for the generous donation they provided us with! There are also individuals that need to be thanked, but that is for another forum. We want to thank God for the blessing it was to serve and for the blessing it is to be provided for!